“Discovering Healthy Roots Cold Pressed Juices was an amazing bonus for my detoxification clients.  With 100% organic produce and no preservatives, fillers or added sugar, as a certified holistic health coach, I am excited to recommend these products to clients for their alkalizing benefits as well as energy boosting and immune boosting properties.  It’s difficult to find a product that is so pure and clean and truly makes me proud to recommend it.  Healthy Root Juices are easy to grab and take on the go for the busy professional or stay at home mom/dad. Devon has hit the nail on the head with this commitment to the best quality, excellent taste and outstanding service. I know I”m backing a beautiful product that has been an excellent addition to my detox programs and benefits many of my clients!”  

Heather Ferber | Certified Holistic Health Coach


"Hello! My name is Amie I live in Door County. I found out that I have Crohns this summer. Just about 2 months ago a family friend sent me an article about these juices! I swear I think they're saving my life. Thank you for making these amazing juices. God bless you!"

Amie | Door County


"We had a taste test the other night and Fortitude happened to be our favorite! With Alice’s Crohn’s currently flaring, she’s preferring the juices with the least amount of sweetness. She actually juices her own concoctions now that she’s home, but she really likes the grab-n-go option your juices give her when she’s in a “hurry” or having a bad Crohn’s day with no energy to make food."

Alice | Wisconsin