Our Story

The Healthy Roots Story

Since 2017, Healthy Roots has made it our mission to bring you the same quality and nutritional potency that you would get from a fresh-pressed in-home juice, but without any of the hassle, prep, or cleanup!

What makes our cold-pressed juice so special?

Our hand-crafted, cold-pressed juices are never heat pasteurized and contain no added sugar, fillers, or preservatives.

Most other cold-pressed juices on the market are filled with water or juiced from concentrates to cheapen the product and fill volume with little nutritional benefit. Our juices are made using only 100% fresh fruits and vegetables sourced from local farmers whenever possible to maximize taste and quality. Drinking one of our juices is a nutrient-rich and convenient way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in an on-the-go world.

Consciously Sourced and Pressed Fresh

We pride ourselves on bottling only the absolute best. We take the time to ensure all our produce is consciously sourced and pressed fresh before undergoing our cold-pasteurization process to ensure safety and retain nutritional quality. Every single bottle of Healthy Roots is pressed with over 2 pounds of fruits & vegetables, and made with love in Wisconsin.