Cold-Pressed Juice in the News

The San Antonio Spurs, made with 100 percent juice

Michael C. Wright, ESPN Staff Writer
May 6, 2017

SAN ANTONIO -- You know you've discovered something interesting about the Spurs when they won't talk about it. You know you've discovered something really interesting when former Air Force intelligence officer and current Spurs coach Gregg Popovich goes to the trouble of offering up smoke screens.

That's how we come to find ourselves talking -- in hushed tones, in hallways -- about the merits of cold-pressed juice. And no, it cannot be photographed for this story.

Several Spurs see their special drinks as an all-important first step to the recovery process that staves off fatigue and injury. "It's nutrients, veggies, fruits, you know, to replenish what you've spent out on the court," says guard Patty Mills. "It's just a part of the recovery process, the same thing as eating the right foods after the games.

The juices are just a simple way to initiate part of the recovery, just getting some of the anti-inflammatory benefits of the different fruits and vegetables, chia seeds, different healthy fats. It's just one small way to help attack or help initiate that recovery process, in addition to getting in a Whole Foods meal afterwards on the plane, or afterwards in the facility itself, depending on the location."

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